Brianna’s Story

My name is Summer Howerton. I have a 12 year old daughter that started her journey 1 year ago when I enrolled her into a summer strength training program at my gym. My daughter’s name is Brianna, and even though she has always possessed a decent amount of muscle, she didn’t know how to use it properly to build strength and stability.

The strength program was only 2 months long, but she and I knew she was going to need an experienced, patient AND compassionate coach to guide her carefully into her greater potential. This is where Ayse Sukola comes in to our lives as Brianna’s Coach!

Brianna and Ayse started working together 7 months ago in January 2016. when Brianna started she had very poor back strength and form. Ayse was very methodical and careful about working through technique and proper form before Brianna was allowed any real weight on the bar. Brianna wasn’t allowed to lift from the floor for at least a month! Having a coach like Ayse is just what Brianna needed to learn the right form and strengthen her core for the Olympic lifts!

It is safe to say Brianna at 12 years old has better form than most adults including myself :). Ayse provides gentle yet firm direction in proper technique, which is so important! Ayse is committed to her athletes regardless of age or skill level! Brianna has flourished under Ayse’s watchful eye, having just finished her 2nd weightlifting meet with a 60lb Snatch and 85.6lb Clean and Jerk.

We are excited in the direction Brianna is going with the Ayse as her coach! She has Qualified for YOUTH NATIONALS with in 6 months of training. To sum it up, Ayse Sukola is the most amazing coach for Brianna!

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