Ayse Sukola was born September 18th 1980 and  raised in Ankara, Turkey. She arrived in the United States when She was 21 to complete her  internship after earning her  degree in Food and Beverage Management and Hospitality. As fate would have it just a couple months before She was to return home she met her husband. They in short order  got married, adopted pets, bought a house, had a beautiful daughter and established her life and career in the United States.

Originally her sports background was swimming.  So beginning at age of 5 she started to swim. For the next 14 years she swam, living within an intense training program for over decade. She has placed 3rd 200 meter backstroke and 200 meter medley Junior European Championship in 1994. Ayse has placed 1st and 2nd consistently in National and Local ranking at youth championships 1990-1994.

Thanks to her early introduction to swimming Ayse has been athletic her entire life, constantly trying new things. She was an Executive Chef for 10 plus years at a high intensity corporate restaurant.Over the years  her body has changed and morphed, back and forth, to all shapes and sizes imaginable. She is 6 feet tall and when I met my husband was 145 lbs…then 180lbs…then 210lbs and when I gave birth to my daughter I weighed 285lbs! After her birth She went back and forth with her weight. It was a struggle for several years. She tried several different gyms, failed diets and crazy work schedules. Then She finally made the decision that She had to get healthier, get back in shape and gain back her confidence. When I joined my local CrossFit gym, and ultimately started Olympic Weigh Lifting, that’s when it all changed for her.  Ayse has found her new passion through barbell. Ayse’s 1st international competition was  2015 Pan American Masters an placed 3rd on 75kg weight class.

Her new passion, love and joy through Olympic Weight Lifting became her career.  Ayse  earned her CPT (Certified Personal Training) and CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) certificates through NASM and USA Weightlifting Sports and Performance Level 2, Crossfit Level One and also decided to get a certification from one of the top Nutrition Companies – Precision Nutrition.

Ayse is a L2 Olympic Weightlifting coach in Woodstock, Ga. running The Garage Barbell Club at Cross fit Garage (@thegaragebarbellclub)  coaching Cross fit classes, teaching USAW Level 1 Coaching Courses with Rachel Bammocino and coaching clinics.