I have been  coaching Olympic Weightlifting at The Garage Barbell Club at Crossfit Garage since 2015. I learned Olympic Weightlifting  techniques under Rachel Bommicino beginning in 2014; she has been my influence and my mentor since then. In 2016 I became a satellite athlete under Daniel Camargo. He has made a huge impact in my development as a Masters athlete and for that he remains my coach to this day. I have also briefly trained as a remote athlete with Travis Cooper. I couldn’t be where I am without the tremendous support and assistance from my coaches! Every single one of them played a huge role in the continued progression of my career, and they continue to be my inspiration in this sport.

Why KIDS should start learning technical portion of Olympic Weightlifting at a young age?


Brianna is 12 years old here on her 2nd weightlifting meet.


Contact : ayse@oweittobarbell.com

  • 2 days , 1 hour training schedule. Thursday’s 6:30 pm to 7:30pm and Saturday’s at 11am-12pm
  • Small group to give individual attentions to each athlete.
  • Starting solely technique development at Snatch – Clean & Jerk , mobility development , speed & agility
  • Core program to develop strong core for each athlete
  • Learning proper squat , pulling and pushing mechanics.
  • Olympic lifts, the best results will occur when technique is mastered first.
  • Nutrition education gearing towards training
  • Price is $110 montly.

Check out the Photo Gallery from Nationals and Local Meets: