food-restaurant-hand-dinner-largeIndivualized Nutritional Programing

This level is appropriate for recreational exercisers and high performance athletes who already have a high quality basic diet and want to peruse very specific performance and/or body transformation goals. This program is also good for those who really want and need to know the details of their intake. At this level, clients can handle activity and goal based calorie calculations, body type-specific macronutrient breakdowns and nutrient sensitivity based timing strategies.

Nutrition Coaching for Special Situations

This level is for nutritionally experienced people with specific, aggressive goals such as competing in a physique contest, dropping body fat percentage into mid – single digits (men) or close to single digits (women) or optimizing competition day nutrition. This program is for people who want to accomplish lofty physique and performance goals and have discipline to follow 95% adherence or higher, rigorously track intake, count calories, vary macronutrients systematically and so forth.