Kids Nutrition Coaching includes basic programming, treating participants as beginners. They can be advanced in the gym or on the playing field and still be nutritional beginners. This level requires simple, basic instructions and steps.

In reality, no healthy child should be overly focused on her weight and neither should her parents. Weight loss can interfere with a child’s growth and lead to other problems such as eating disorders.

Kids’ most significant role models are their parents. Be a positive influence on your child’s mind and body alike.

This category is designed to teach kids about nutrition, food groups, calories, and healthy eating. Participants will also learn how to read Nutrition Facts labels, the difference between portion size and serving size, and other knowledge that will help them maintain a healthy diet.

I do not believe in to place emphasis on weight or body size. Instead, strive for a positive eating relationship with kids that includes healthful habits:

  • Educating parents to refrain from making negative comments about their own weight, body shape or size — or about the weight, shape or size of others.
  • Setting a good example for children in the way you manage your own weight and how you feel about your own body
  • Encouraging kids to engage in daily physical activity to build muscles and coordination.