Grocery Shopping and Pantry OrganizationDo you want help with your grocery shopping? Have you tried low fat or low carbohydrate diets without positive results?  Are you confused by marketing hype and fancy packages? 

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place. I can help you. I know just how confusing and frustrating it is for people to make healthy choices at the grocery store. And I also understand just how vital it is for you to learn how to choose correctly because what you eat is ultimately the reason you are battling to reach your goal.

By serving as your personal grocery shopping guide helps set the tone for you to focus on what wholesome, natural energy boosting and nutritious foods to purchase. I show you how to plan your daily meals so that you gain the optimum nutrition needed for your fitness performance, body composition and health goals.

I explain what fresh nuts and grains are and how to cook them. I spend time with organic fruits and vegetables aisle; review what it means to eat organic meats and fresh seafood. I also show you what ‘raw’ foods are and how they can add to your overall health. I include a cruise down the inner aisles to reinforce label reading.

What does this service include?

  • A grocery store tour, which takes roughly 45 minutes
  • Guidance on how to select healthier options within each food category
  • Guidance on what to look for when reading food labels
  • Question and answer session
  • Discover the best (and worst!) places to look for food in your supermarket
  • Learn how to decipher deceptive food labels
  • Separate the real health foods from the “fakes”
  • Avoid the most common shopping mistakes
  • Shop for a week’s worth of food in only 45 minutes!
  • Varieties of grains including gluten-free options and how to use them in meals

Who would benefit from this service?

  • Parents/college students
  • Anyone who is just learning how to prepare their own meals
  • Couples who need to learn how to shop and prepare meals
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthier on a tight financial budget
  • Anyone on a restricted diet
  • Anyone with a goal of losing weight and changing body composition.

Contact for available tour dates and reserve your spot TODAY!